Move over McDonalds...

Our new Drive Through has replaced the old coffee shop and burger kitchen since the beginning of Covid. We built it quickly to save jobs and customers and we needed to make it safe for everyone. It's been a great success and has become an essential part of our business, increasing employment and allowing us to trade in an exciting new way. 



Since Covid, our entire business including the Drive Through and Farm Shop has gone cashless and we now only accept card and contactless payment to improve safety for customers and our team.

In the Drive Through we've also pole-mounted our card machine so that you can pay from a safe distance as seen below. 



The signage clearly states that we do not serve pedestrians.

We undertook a risk analysis and made the decision not to allow pedestrians for safety reasons. We worried about a possible scenario where a parent sent a child to get an ice cream or something delicious and that child walked in front of a car.

We find that children do not visit us on bicycles on their own and therefore we felt that cyclists and motorcyclists would be safe wearing high viz and on a bike which makes them more visible to a motorist. 

We're sorry if you find it "utterly ridiculous" as some pedestrians have bellowed out to us but it has been done for very good reason; keeping our customers and team safe is priority. Furthermore, as much as we would love to, we do not allow horses either, not only for their own safety but that of cyclists too.


Thank you to all of our Jolly Nice customers who have embraced the change.