Creedy Carver Free Range Duckling

Creedy Carver Free Range Duckling

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Creedy Carver's free range ducks are reared to the highest welfare standards offering a large grass covered range area and the opportunity to bath and clean their feathers as nature intended. Traditionally dry plucked and hand finished in onsite.

In 2003 James was named the NFU National Young Farmer of the Year and in 2013 was asked to attend and showcase his ducks at the Great Britain Campaign at the Foreign Office to help showcase the best products the UK has to offer.

As the largest producer of free range, dry plucked ducks in the UK, Creedy Carver ducks stand out and are widely chosen by many of the best chefs in the UK.

Available for pre-order and collection from Jolly Nice on the 23rd & 24th December.
Debbie and the Bakewell family have been at Charlton Farm since 1937. Using Debbie's expertise as a food technologist, Charlton Farm diversified into rearing Barbary ducks as a speciality table bird. The process involves a slower growing duck which has a larger quantity of leaner, darker meat than other commercial breeds. The birds are fed on a natural, cereal based additive-free diet and are all grown and processed on their own farm.

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