Rare Breed, Fillet of Belted Galloway Beef

Rare Breed, Fillet of Belted Galloway Beef

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The pedigree herd of 80 Belted Galloways farmed by the National Trust near Stroud tough it out in all conditions and graze on grasses many animals won't touch. They are a slow maturing traditional breed which makes for well marbled meat with an amazing depth of flavour.

Available for pre-order and collection from Jolly Nice on the 23rd & 24th December.
The herd are essential to the conservation of the wild-flower rich Cotswold grasslands, providing low-intensity grazing that naturally supports biodiversity. With their help the grasslands have shifted from grass to herbs with plants such as marjoram, thyme, vetches and rare orchids popping up. With this comes masses of butterflies and beetles so it's a win-win all round.

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