Old Spots, Tamworths, Berkshires & Iron Age

Farming the old fashioned way...

With Simon’s dairy farming heritage and Rebecca’s degree in pig husbandry, we know that intensive industrial farming is unsustainable and unfair, particularly for clever pigs.
Our traditional rare breeds forage all day in our woodland, part of the historic Holford Estate in Westonbirt. They run, jump logs and have a good old scratch on the surrounding trunks. The pigs squeal with glee for the overripe fruit and vegetable that we take of the shelves at Jolly Nice. Needless to say, these are healthy, happy pigs. They grow slowly and thats why our pork joints, sausages and Jolly Nice Pulled Pork, Sausage Rolls, Scotch Eggs and Pork Pies are so good.