Jolly Nice was born out of a love for delicious food, regenerative farming and the need for change.
We are a family founded and multi-award winning Farmshop, Kitchen, Cafe, Bar and cutting edge Drive Through in the heart of the Cotswolds, halfway between Cirencester and Stroud, with 11,000 cars driving along our road every day.
We’ve grown organically, and what was once a derelict petrol station is now a handsome hotchpotch of wooden buildings, locally crafted yurts, tin barns and green outdoor spaces with a few rare breed animals grazing.
Rebecca Wilson, our founder and director, was once a farmer herself and saw first hand the problems that intensive industrial farming inflicted upon our environment, animals, communities and health. She built the business from the ground up with the purpose of providing a much needed route to market for farmers and producers that shared our values, committing to pay a fair price so we can work towards healthy, more resilient food systems and a sustainable food economy.
Rebecca’s daughter Harriet found a love for making uncompromisingly delicious food in her teens and went on to create our award winning ice cream using organic milk from her father’s pasture fed herd of traditional rare breed Shorthorn cows, churned with the best ingredients she could get her hands on. Our family recipes and ethos for quality continue to live through the business and we now have a brilliant team of chefs producing an exceptional range of products from scratch every day.
Jolly Nice now represents a smorgasbord of fantastic, diverse, local, independent, artisan, seasonal, free range, organically grown, zero dig, regeneratively farmed, pasture fed, biodynamic, BCorp, small batch, hand crafted, wild, foraged, and award winning produce.
As we approach our tenth birthday, we are more committed than ever to our vision of a brighter future.