Rare breeds, and genuinely free range

As farmers, we pride ourselves on knowing the provenance of all of the meat in our butchery counter. The same goes for our pies and our burgers.

When they're not serving you, our friendly young butchery team cut, mince and make sausages by hand from our own woodland reared Gloucester Old Spot, Tamworth and Berkshire pigs.

When you tuck into a Sausage Roll, Scotch Egg or Pork Pie, we’ve reared it and butchered it ourselves. The Jolly Nice Burger is made from our Shorthorn beef. Our bacon and ham comes from Devon, (the only supplier we've found that only use free range pigs) and our rare breed lamb comes from a neighbouring estate. We very carefully source poultry from small free range family farms as near to us as possible.

Open 8am-7pm, 7 days a week